Polaris Permissions Overview

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Kelly Hock

Polaris Permissions Overview

  • What you have acccess to see and do in Polaris is controlled by permissions. At the CLC, permissions related to particular job roles are grouped together into permissions groups to make assigning and tracking easier.
  • Permissions are assigned to permission groups, NOT to individual staff members. To see a list of permissions assisgned to a particular group, use this report. It is possible to have a permission group with a single staff member contained in the group or a group can only have access to a single permission.
    • There is an exception to this “group only” permission rule. Access to SimplyReports is assigned per individual user. You can find a list of accounts with SimplyReports enabled by running this report: Users with SimplyReports Access
  • The permissions you have in Polaris are the same permissions you have in Leap. You can seperately control access to Leap using these permission options.
  • Each staff member has been assigned the permission groups they need to perform their assigned tasks in Polaris. The groups themselves, and the permissions within the groups were determined by your library.
  • While libraries decide what permissions staff members get, the maintenance of permissions and any changes to permissions are performed by the CLC.

Override Permissions Overview

  • Override permissions are used to let staff who don’t normally have permissions to perform a task temporarly finish that task. For example, if staff normally can’t check out items for a patron with a 2nd level fine block, another staff member can override that block and allow the checkout to take place.
  • The staff member performing the override needs the permission to perform the task, as well as the override permission for that task, in over to perform the override.
  • Override permissions are located in a different area of the staff member’s workform and need to be granted separately from other permissions.

How to request permission changes

Applying permission changes

  • Permissions changes will not appear in Leap until after you select Refresh Permissions under your username in the upper right hand corner.

  • Permissions changes in the client will appear after you reboot your computer or shutdown and relaunch the client.

Additional Information and References

Note: In order to log into Polaris, the account must be enabled, to see a list of enabled staff accounts, use this report.