Polaris Reports Primer

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Wes Osborn

If you’re new to Polaris reporting, the list below will give you an idea of some of the basic / common reports that other libraries in the consortium run. We’ve made this post a wiki, so anyone can click on the edit icon (at the bottom of the post) to add their own details about reports that they run.

Before adding a new report, please search for and copy the link to the Report Definition on Discourse. Thanks to @shoffman for your help in getting this topic started.

If you’d like more information on running reports in reporting services, please see our primer on SSRS (SharePoint).

##Daily basis

###Printed notices (also run daily)

  • Billing Z fold mailer

##Weekly basis

  • Holds request Z fold mailer – hold notifications by mail

##Monthly basis

  • Patron services
  • Telephone delivery failure report
  • Text delivery failure report


  • Claimed items

Wes Osborn