Placing multiple holds from Patron record sets

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Wes Osborn

Staff may need to place multiple patrons on hold for the same title. One example where this is commonly used is for the libraries that use the Favorite Authors Service.

  1. Find the patron record set ID for that has the patrons that you want to place on hold.
  2. Note the record set ID number in the title bar, or under File → Properties (Control Number).
  3. Locate the bib record you want to place the patrons on hold for.
  4. Once the bib record has been located, select the Place Hold option.
  5. The hold request workform will open
  6. Select View → Multi-Request (or click on the +++ icon on the left hand side)
  7. In the “Patrons” section of the screen, click the Plus icon to bring up the patron Find Tool.
  8. In the “Search by:” field, select “Record set ID”
  9. In the “For:” field, input the record set ID from step 2
  10. If needed, hit Crtl-Shift-A to load all records
  11. To randomize the request order, we recommend sorting by barcode number. Hold requests are placed in the order they are shown on the results list.
  12. If using in a multi-branch environment, sort the results by the Library column.
  13. Use shift-click to select the patron records for a particular branch
    1. If using in a single branch environment; highlight all records by hitting Crtl-A.
  14. Right click on the selected records and choose the “Select” option
  15. This will populate the Patron sections of the hold request workform with all the patrons from the record set.
  16. Change the pickup location in the hold request form to match the pickup location of the library selected.
  17. You will likely need to click the Yes button several times to override any hold blocks.
  18. Click the Save button on the hold request work form.

All the patrons will now be on hold for this title.

For multi-branch locations, it may be better to use this Leap multi-request feature instead as it takes into account the patron’s preferred pickup location.